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About Us

About Ask Chad

Ask Chad began as a regular feature on the ChadzBoyz.com website in 2004. Since then it has amassed close to 1900 questions and answers . Answers to these questions have been provided by Chad (Jonathon Chadwick) himself as well as by members of his Ask Chad Team (ACT). Currently most of the answers are provided by this team which is a part of CAT (ChadzBoyz Advice Team) which provides help and advice to members of the Chadz LGBTQ Support Forum for Youth.

There were many limitations to the service we could provide due to the restrictive nature of the database under use until now. With this new version of Ask Chad, we are able to offer a better Q&A service to the LGBTQs Youth community. Some of the new features include:

Home Page

The homepage features all the latest questions asked in a strategic, easy to use way with different tabs to quickly check “popular” or “unanswered” questions. The sidebar features many custom widgets such as “Top users”, “Most active questions” etc.

Question Details Page

Upon clicking a question, user is taken to the details page where the particular question is displayed with the question description. Right below that, all the answers are displayed along with the votes that particular answer has received. Users can vote up/down the answers. Not only that, the person who have asked question may select one of them as best answer as well.

Ask a Question

When users click the “Ask a Question” button, they are taken to this page where they can provide the question they wish to ask along with a question title and the question category. The best thing about this is, the user can quickly login or register in a very tiny form instead of filling out a huge form. To help the answerers, it is important to provide your age and rough location for each question.

User Listing

The theme lists all the active users on the site along with their tiny profile on the “Users” page. The site visitor may sort the users using different tabs – “All Users”, “Popular” and “Alphabetical”

User Details Page

Upon clicking profile of a particular person, a detailed page is shown where the visitor can check the Questions and Answers provided by that particular person along with other basic details. Your email address is kept private.

Registration Form

Though the users may quickly register themselves when asking question or providing answer, a separate Register Page is also available where they can register in detail and provide their own logo.

Resources Page

A list of worldwide resources including phone numbers and website addresses is provided for those that have need of immediate help.

Help Page

The help page gives a brief summary of a series of advice articles on dealing with topics such as coming out, relationships, boyfriends or girlfriends, bullying and abuse, dating tips, sexual abuse and much more.

Purple Hand

This is our ongoing blog dealing with issues of importance to the LGBTQs community.


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