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Bipolar Gay Teen

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Dear Chadz, So I'm a semi-out 17 year old gay guy. Never been in a relationship. Mostly because I'm really shy and don't take chances, but also because I'm bipolar and I fear what a relationship would be like. For those who don't know much about bipolar disorder, at its simplest it is when the chemicals in a person's brain are not balanced correctly and can make a person depressed, happy, nervous, manic ext. I've been known to get violent when my chemicals are off. So I fear what a relationship would be like for me because it's hard for whoever I get into a relationship with doesn't have to stay. There is a lot of baggage that comes with a bipolar person. And on top of that, gay relationships are hard to find anyway. Just really looking for advice. Don't know where to go with this. Also, I have a crush on a guy who I'm 85% sure he's straight. So that makes it even harder. And maybe I just don't really peruse guys. And now I'm rambling on. I just need advice on where to go with this and what me next step is. Brad, 17, California

1 Answers

  1. Billy on Dec 05, 2014 Reply

    This is a tough one. Usually the first guy you have a crush on is straight and part of that crush is you like who he is and wish to be apart of that. It’s like he has everything I wish I was. But we cannot live someone else’s life. A harmless crush is fine if it doesn’t become a fixation and is all consuming.

    As for being bipolar and 17, you are still young and need to keep your body in check with your medications by interacting with your doctor regularly. Right now, I think you should concentrate on making friends and try to see how you get along with friends which might indicate somewhat what a relationship might be like.

    And don’t let the fact that you are bipolar make you give up thoughts of a relationship. You have as much right to that happiness as anyone else. Sure it will mean finding a special guy but they are out there. I hope you find him.

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