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Does this mean he’s gay?

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This guy stares at me loads not like constantly but still, when i spoke to him he was like "i dont know you" then i asked him why he keeps staring at me (at this point i might have scared him although i was scared) he answered "the reason i stare at you is because you stare at me", then i said to him "if you carry on im gonna come talk to you again" after summer when school started he didnt stop he still stares at me but now he also stares at other guys. He never stares at girls, im gay and i dont stare at girls also i dont think he knows im gay. Rubén 16, Chicago,IL

1 Answers

  1. jaxx on Jan 22, 2015 Reply

    Try staring at him real hard and when he later asks why, tell him that you want to go to a movie with him, so that you can both stare at the screen instead of each other. He might laugh or it might start a conversation at least. Give the same reason every time he asks. It might work. If not stop staring at him and look elsewhere. There is no point then of continuing this staring marathon.

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