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Feelings for my best friend

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Hey Chad, My name's Jake, and I've got somewhat of a problem eating away at me. To put it simply, I'm attracted to my best friend. Now, I'm bisexual(which he doesn't know), so when we get into a conversation about girls, it's not too hard for me to cover up my feelings. But sometimes I get the impression that maybe he's attracted to boys too, at least slightly. It could just be that I'm jumping to conclusions because that's sort of what I would want though, so I'm really careful not to do anything at all drastic or make assumptions. While it would be a bit of a bummer if he in fact was straight and that was that, I definitely could not bear to lose him as a friend; it would destroy me. So I'm at a bit of a stump as for what to do. He's my best friend after all, so hanging out with him all the time is no problem. But I'm the kind of person that makes most of his decisions through intuition and gut feeling, and while the majority of the time I'm excellent at reading people, I can't screw anything up here. Some advice, either general or specific, would be greatly appreciated. The fact that I'm finally asking someone about this is already a huge weight off my shoulders. -Jake, age 19, IL

1 Answers

  1. CHADZtom on Aug 07, 2012 Reply


    I am sorry to hear of the problem you are facing, The first thing it whether he will mind you being bi, it is wise to try and strike a conversation about the matter and see how he reacts to the situation. As you said you believing he may like boys could just be your mind wanting it to be, It is really important to take it slowly and as you say not jump to conclusions or make assumptions. It may be that he feels exactly the same as you do, or it may be that he is straight. Take it step by step and don’t rush into anything!

    Tom X

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