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Asked by: 1756 views Depressed, gay, HELP, other
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Dear Chadz, Hey guys! Your website is awesome really helps. Anyways I'm struggling with severe depression and I think I'm gay :/ it's going to be a very tough road ahead as I'm a tradie and that sorta thing isn't normal for a guy like me. Nobody would pick it! I wanted to be able to talk to others on your forum for help and advice but I've tried signing up and it won't send me the verification email! Anyways I'm really struggling and it'd be greatly appreciated if you could help me, thanks!  Keep up the great work! Mitch, 16, Victoria, Australia

1 Answers

  1. Billy on Oct 21, 2014 Reply

    Sorry for the delay in responding but we have now dealt with this issue and Mitch now has access to the forum. Hopefully that contact with others will help.

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