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How to be just friends

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Dear Community, First off, the more the merrier. I would very much appreciate a diverse collection of words of advice on the matter. Now, on my first/last post I discussed about my dilemma with a senior at my new high school and how I've fallen for him, but because of the year difference he will be going away to college soon and any relationship I kindle with him (if there would be one) would be short lived at best. Now, I give you part two. I see how it is illogical to even consider dating him, especially since I am closeted to everyone I know, but either way he has grown to be one of my best friends and likewise for him. The question I pose is, how do I deal with seeing him nearly everyday and just being his friend? It is torture now, and as my last post stated this feeling of connection and attraction only grows everyday. If I don't do something about this soon I'm going to *pop* and doing something rash like throw caution to the wind and set myself up for a short term relationship. My first/last post is titled 16 yo Junior w/ MASSIVE CRUSH for reference by the way. Thank you and I appreciate the time you are taking to invest in my problems. For purposes relating directly to the instruction above I am 16, and I live in Nevada. Sincerely, B P.S. The senior, I'll call him L, does not know about my massive crush on him (at least I never told him).

1 Answers

  1. jaxx on Dec 21, 2014 Reply

    Since you’ve become friends, the only way to resolve this is to talk with him about your feelings. That means coming out to him. And it means trusting hm to keep that news confidential. If you don’t think he can keep the news that you are gay confidential, even if he swears he will, then it isn’t going to work.

    The other thing is you have no idea if he likes you the same way you like him. Friends is one thing, lovers another. And he may not want to get involved with a minor also or endure taunts from his other friends that he is “robbing the cradle.”

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