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How to get over a boy you have liked for over a year

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There is a boy I like and I have liked him for over a year now. I started liking him when I first saw him walking around the halls last year at my school in grade 9. He was the best looking person I have ever seen. When second semester came around I got 2 classes with him. I leant a lot about his personality and fell really hard for him. He seemed like the kind of guy I really want. I could never really tell if he is gay or not most people think he is. I can't come out because my school is very homophobic I will get very badly beaten up if I do. after a year now I still like him some times he is nice to me and gives me a smile and some times he gives me a glare. honestly I am a very shy guy but very friendly and I would never have the nerve to be his friend but also he hangs out with the mean people at my school. my crush on him has made me a little depressed and sad at items I really just want to get over him it has been a long time and nothing good has come of me crushing on him. Any advice would be very welcomed. Thanks Yair Almost 16, Canada

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    Billy on Mar 29, 2014 Reply

    You are not alone in having a crush on a high school classmate. in fact it is very common. We tend to see someone attractive and begin to fantasize about him. In so doing, we imagine qualities he really does not have but wish him to have and so we build up an image of a person that is part reality and part fantasy or wishful thinking. Every look and stare from him becomes something to analyze.

    Then we begin to notice that there are cracks in our image of this person. In your case he hangs out with people that you feel are “mean.” It’s not easy to get over someone you have built up to be more than he really is. You can try keeping yourself busy with your school work or making new friends. In time this will fade to a memory but in the meantime you need to get on with your own life instead of dwelling in a fantasy.

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