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2 Answers

how to tell if someone is bisexual? (tattoos/ear piercings/etc,)

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So i've seen some things, like if you're gay you pierce you left ear(i think), or if you're lesbian you get a star tattoo on your foot.   I'm not sure about either of these and I'm not trying to be rude at all.   I identify as bisexual and i was wondering if there were things like that for other sexualities. if so, what are they/how many?   please help, i'm curious.   and I'm asking for me, I'm not trying to know the orientation of others, this is more like showing my own.

2 Answers

  1. Billy on Jul 02, 2014 Reply

    Some gay men are very effeminate and some women very butch and that may tell you something about their sexuality. As for other obvious signs, it’s more doubtful. If a man (or woman) does not want anyone to know that he’s gay he will pierce the ear he wants to throw other people off. So that is no help.

    Basically if someone doesn’t want anyone to know their sexual orientation then they can keep it a secret from everyone -unless they slip up. A furtive stolen kiss may be seen by someone; a glance at a person held too long may be telling; a turn of the head to look at a cute boy passing may suggest more than casual interest.

    A recent article in Chadzboyz.com tells of new research that indicates the pupils of a person’s eyes can indicate if someone is gay or not by how the pupils react to certain stimulai -but that is of little use to the average person in making their own sexuality determination of another.

    So basically, you cannot determine someone else’s sexuality if they are determined to keep it a secret.

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  2. CHADZhenry on Jul 16, 2014 Reply


    I agree; it is difficult to gauge someone’s sexuality by an earring or a tattoo. And, sometimes, guys will get both ears pierced, so that’s a bit confusing. Maybe that’s why they get both ears pierced, they are Bi. Or maybe they just don;t want to break up a pair of earrings. 🙂

    There is no absolute tell tale sign, really.


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