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Is He Gay??

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Dear Chadz, Hi. I am receiving some mixed messages from one of my classmates in gym. He is a really cute guy who i suspect is gay and attracted to me. For one, he knows my younger brother and asks him about me a lot. He also likes to push me around and joke with me. Whenever we play a doubles game in gym, he gets visually sad if he is not my partner. Once, we won a game together and he gave me a big bear hug and ribbed my back for a little to long. His friends called him gay, and he blushed and looked away. Another time, he accidently hit me with a racquett and immediately freaked out that he hurt me and rubbed my back (again a little too long) and kept asking if I was OK. I also notice that when we play dodgeball, he never tags me out. He also also reassures me of my athletic abilities when we loose and will laugh at any joke that i make. I suspect he is gay, but would feel wierd asking him. He is really sweet, and i am wondering where i should go from here. (18, western US)

1 Answers

  1. Billy on Dec 05, 2014 Reply

    Sorry for the delay in responding. He may be gay, but there are some other possibilities. He just might be very outgoing and open with the emotions. Still that should apply to other people as well and if it’s only you that gets this special treatment, then I suspect this means something. I don’t think it’s a good idea to just come out and ask someone if they are gay. What would you say if he asked you? By doing that you put him on the spot and he will either confirm, deny, change the subject, or get mad. Not worth the risk.

    I’d just get involved with some activities alone with him like movies, walking, art gallery visit, biking, skating etc. Get to know him better on a 1:1 basis and see what develops. Bring up some topical news items involving gays and see how he reacts and where the discussion goes. Good luck and hope it works out for you.

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