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Taking a Guy Home

Asked by: 1687 views boyfriend, hookups, relationship

Dear Chadz, I want to take a guy home. I'm 15 and I'm talking to a 17 year old but he looks 19 or 20. My mom says I can date within a 2 year difference. My dad on the other hand is divorced from my mom and he pretends he doesn't know I'm gay and I pretend I don't know he knows. How can I invite this guy to come over to my dad's without feeling super awkward? Blake

1 Answers

  1. Billy on Jun 30, 2014 Reply

    It will be awkward not only for you and your dad but also for your friend so I wouldn’t put him in this position if I cared for him. It’s best, first, to have a talk with your dad about inviting the boy over. Why do you want to bring the boy to meet your dad? Is it to show that you have a boyfriend and want his approval. If so you should come out to your dad first before introducing the friend. You’ll feel better if you have this coming out talk first.

    If you don’t want to come out, then just ask if you can bring a friend over to visit. But you need to decide what you hope to get out of this meeting beforehand.

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