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Trying to understand

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Dear Chadz, I really like this guy at my school who's gay but dosent talk to me. He knows I'm gay too and I really think he's cute. I'm a pretty decent looking guy and he's really cute. We never really talked but I don't think he wants to. I can't tell if he's scared or shy or whatever. I don't know if I should keep trying for him or just give up... Even though I don't know him I really want him to get to know me before he knocks me down ya know? One of my friends say I'm obsessed but I just think I'm just kinda starstruck. He's the only other cute gay guy that I know and I'm attracted too. Hope you can help. D, 18, Kansas

1 Answers

  1. CHADZhenry on Oct 18, 2013 Reply


    It seems the obvious answer is for you to walk up to this cute guy and say Hello. Nothing difficult about that. Unless you are both overly shy, then it might be an issue.

    Since you have never spoken to the guy, nor he to you, one of you has to initiate a conversation; it might as well be you. Start out with simple conversation and see if he is interested in you or wants go see a movie or go out for coffee.

    Best of luck,


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