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Who thinks this enough to mean that hes gay or theres at least something between us?

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my friends say they think hes gay or bi and probably in the closet and that i should talk to him again but because they are my friends they could just be saying that to make me feel better. so please i need some people to say what they honestly think. is whats happened with me and him in the past enough? theres been this whole staring thing going on between us for a long time, he used to stare at me almost every time he saw me even before i looked in his direction, most of the time he looked a bit unhappy. that all went on for long then i spoke to him and he didnt want to talk then he stopped and listened, he told me that i keep staring at him but then how could i if im not looking at him, then i told him that if he doesnt stop i would go back and talk to him and that was the end of that. then after the summer when school started i noticed him staring at other guys not often but still and he was still staring at me, he changed a little like he only stared at me like when i got off the bus not when we was both inside. then he stopped like how long after i spoke to him. nowthings have gone back almost to how they was just after i spoke to him, i don't know if its my fault but anyway, i dont think hes gay, because he doesnt talk gay or act gay. theres only things like him staring at guys and one time when i was messing around with my friends and i opened the top of my shirt then i look and hes staring at me. i dont think he knows im gay and he doesnt know i like him. also how likely is it that my friends have got this all wrong? thank you, Jacob 16, Brooklyn NY

1 Answers

  1. Billy on Jul 25, 2015 Reply

    But how well do your friends know him and how much do you put in what they say. Go with your own instincts on this. It sounds like you are paying entirely too much attention to him so stop trying to notice who he’s staring at. He might not even be staring at all but be deep in thought -you have to look somewhere.

    You’re probably right -he’s not gay. So you’re wasting tons of time worrying about the whole staring thing. Start new when school begins for the next term and stop staring at him also.

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